Frequently Asked Questions
Buying Car Warranty
How do I get a quote?

The easiest way of getting a quote from us is going to our website. All you need is your registration number, current mileage and contact details to find out what levels of cover are available to you. If you’d like to speak to a sales advisor, call us on 0330 041 4855.

How long does my car warranty policy last?

We offer full 12, 24 or 36 month cover periods. Your cover period will start 30 days after your purchase date.

How do I pay for my car warranty?

You have the opportunity to pay for your warranty upfront, or spread out payments into monthly instalments using direct debit. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Can I get a car warranty on my vehicle?

Extended car warranty is designed to give you peace of mind after the manufacturers warranty has expired on your vehicle. Therefore, if you own a used car that you’d like to protect from any unexpected mechanical/electrical failures and falls within the mileage and age requirements, Protection 4 Cars cover is available to you. Click here to compare our warranty products.

What levels of cover do you provide?

We offer two levels of comprehensive car warranty depending on the current mileage and age of your vehicle. Advantage cover protects vehicles up to 15 years old and 150,000 miles. Ultimate is available for vehicles up to 10 years old and up to 100,000 miles.

What is my claims limit?

Your claims limit depends on what car warranty you purchase from us. We offer £2500 or £5000 limit per claim, which is unlimited up to the purchase value of the car.

Can I cancel my car warranty?

Yes, if you change your mind you have a 30 day cooling off period in which you will receive a full refund if you change your mind. You can discuss this with our friendly sales team on 0330 041 4855.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions booklet for your policy for further information about our cancellation policy.

What do I do if I want to make a claim?

We have a dedicated team ready to help you if you have a claim to make on your vehicle. It is important to remember that you must call the claims team before any repair work can begin on your vehicle.
Please call the claims number shown on your policy documents. Lines are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

What information do I need to make a claim?

All your need is your registration number so that the claims team can find the right policy details on our system. Do remember that you must call the claims team first before any repair work can begin on your vehicle.

Can I use a local garage to repair my vehicle?

Yes, you are able to use any VAT registered garage in the UK.

Do I have to pay any excess?

With Protection 4 Cars products, you pay no excess on any claim you might make on the vehicle.

Existing Customers
I’m an existing customer, where can I find information about my policy?

Policy documents will have been emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you bought your policy online, you can login to view and manage your policy. Alternatively, ring our friendly advisors on 0330 041 4855, who will help you answer any questions you might have about your vehicle and warranty cover.

What happens if I want to sell my car?

If you’d like to sell your car, we can transfer your policy to the new owner. For further details, call our advisors on 0330 041 4855.

How do I renew my car warranty if it expires?

If your warranty is about to expire, Our friendly team of advisors can help you. You can request a call back on our website, or call our sales advisors on 0330 041 4855.

How do I make a complaint?

Please refer to our complaints page here